Friday, November 5, 2010

A journey that hasnt been touched...

ughhh! here we go again. Going thru another failed diet. Another year, another weight loss goal. I always ask myself, "why cant u just put the fork down, Lanice???"........pause bc I dont have an answer.

Once again back to 200lbs! I was lovely and 170lbs exactly a year ago! FTW?
How the hell did this happen??

uhh oooo umm...
..however i feel it! I feel the skinny bitch coming out of me this year (2011).
and its about damn time
Sucks that im starting my first ever online blog on weight and diet issues--but HEY! thats whats been haunting me since i was in elementary school..
then once i accomplish this goal.....whats fuckin next???
....thats what i fear to come!